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Volumetric Analysis

At Digital Sky it is our goal to help you gain altitude. One way we’ve found to do that is by offering highly accurate volumetric measurements from our advanced aerial equipment, which our clients tell us saves them time and money. We know drones are new, and we’re on the leading edge of helping people in the aggregate industry maximize on their advantages. Let us show you how!

Jeff Gaston

Director of Business Development, Digital Sky

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Application: Crushed Concrete

TNT Earth Moving specializes in crushing concrete to begin the concrete recycling process. Typically, they would use a truck scale to weigh the materials entering and exiting the jobsite, but since they are completely mobile, transporting a scale from location to location posed a problem. Digital Sky collects aerial volume information for their processed piles, which allows them to efficiently and accurately bill their customers for services they provide.

Other Applications


Helping landfills with compliance is something we take seriously. Our volumetric analysis saves you time and money because we are able to cover the entire landfill, meaning there is no need to deploy a ground crew. Our data sets work effortlessly with geotechnical consulting groups allowing them to obtain all the information they need.


No more estimating the amount of material that is removed when working on an excavating project. By conducting a pre and post excavation analysis, we can precisely determine how much material was removed, drastically improving the ease of your workflow.

Sand and Gravel

Knowing the precise amount of material in your stockpile is crucial for maintaining a well run operation. Whether you need monthly, quarterly, or yearly measurements, we will exceed your expectations for both timeliness and accuracy.

Ready to get going with one of our standard service offerings? Or maybe you have an idea of your own?

Ready to get going with one of our standard service offerings? Or maybe you have an idea of your own?

What does a Dataset look like?

This! Kind-of. This is a low resolution structured mesh of a sample area. We’ve utilized this one as an example because if we used a full resolution model, it could take your computer days to load! What’s most important is the level of accuracy we’re able to obtain. Since our drones are equipped with RTK systems, they’re able to assign point data that is accurate down to .8 inches.

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